Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Like We Live on an Island

The kids and I were at the beach again this weekend. Jer is in the field. And I have realized we have all gone soft. Just having him gone for the past few days has been really weird. The kids complain about missing him, Garrett keeps thinking it's daddy every time the door opens. Yeah, we've gone soft, and it's a nice place to be.

Garrett at the sprayground,
moving in...

getting closer....

and too close!

Garrett discovered dinosaur's teeth. Unfortunately, he's giving you a side view. My little anthropologist.

The tide was out, but not super low like last time we were at this beach. Too bad last time I had forgotten the camera. But we did see starfish and sea cucumbers.

There are 3 starfish in this picture, one is just flipped over in the moving water.

And we found the cutest hermit crab. We did not bring home any hermit crabs this time. We have proven ourselves to be hermit crab killers. :( Well, except the big one, he's still alive, guess he's extra hearty. :)

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