Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gonna Be a Politician

Tonight Steven came running into the house and up to his room. Then we heard a noise that sounded like glass breaking. He came back down the steps and started to head back outside, Jerry called him over and the conversation went like this.....
Jerry "What was that upstairs?"
Steven "What?"
J "What was that upstairs?"
S "Oh, I was changing my clothes."
J "What was that noise upstairs?'
S "I dropped something."
J "What is something?"
S "A mug."
J "What mug?"
S "What?"
J "What mug?"
S "Oh, that glass Batman one."
J "Did it break?"
S "Did what break?"
J "The mug."
S "Yes."
J "Did you clean it up?"
S "It's in a pile."

I mean, seriously, I could not make this up.

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Morgan said...

in a pile..

gotta love that. Apparently they grow up at some point. I'm just not sure when.