Thursday, February 12, 2009

Liz, Carly, and Bree's V-Day E-Party 2009

So Liz (the fischpond and two cars) is this creative young woman I got to know after she moved away from me in California. She is funny,opinionated, sometimes odd, and creative to boot. Too bad I didn't know her better when she lived 3 houses away. Anyway, she and her beautiful little girls are hosting a Valentine's Day E-Party for all the blog friends. See, I told you she was creative, I would have never thought of that. So, I gave the boys some recipes and told them to get busy; Liz, Carly, and Bree are waiting.
Here are the fruits of their labor. Please disregard the fact that I uploaded the pictures in the complete opposite order of what they should be. Mistakes happen.

First, Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies, courtesy of Bakerella.


Vaughn were you frosting the cookies, or your fingers??

Seth did a great job, look at those neat little rows.

Second, they made a Cherry Blackberry Cobbler.

Mmmmmm, butter.

Garrett was very careful.

Vaughn was very precise.

This recipe was super easy, and everyone loved it.

Liz, thanks for the invite. Happy Valentine's day.


Morgan said...

Looks yummmmmmmmy and fun!

Lizzie Fish said...


yay for cross-ocean friendships. i hope we're neighbors (IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!) again someday =)

your odd friend =)

Jess said...

Well, of course I did! I said I would. Being neighbors in California again sounds divine. I miss Cali, and my house.

Morgan said...

The psycho stalker lady lives in your house now. Mine, however, is still freaking empty.

Aunt Pam said...

Happy Birthday Steven, Vaughn, Garrett and Jessica! You guys are like "the birthday family" or something. Steven, I LOVE your haircut! I want a piece of Vaughn's cake! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to visiting my boys in Okinawa.......until then, sending cyber love, Aunt Pam